Couple offers to give home to Robertson County tornado victims

Couple offers to give home to Robertson County tornado victims (Image 1)

A Nashville couple is offering to give a Robertson County family a home after theirs was destroyed in last week's tornadoes. 

Patty Coast said she learned about Rebecca Roberts, who was nearly crushed to death by a fallen tree, and her family after seeing a news report following the devastating storms.

“I saw the story that News 2 had on the lady that had been interviewed in the hospital that got hit by a tornado,” she said.

Coast told Nashville's News 2 on Thursday she and her husband were so moved by Rebecca's story they decided to offer the family of four a two-story, two-bedroom 1,200 square foot home for free.

The only expense to Rebecca and her family would be the cost to move the home to their property.

“We just thought, since she asked if anyone can help, this is our way of wanting to help her,” Coast explained.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with Rebecca's fiancé, Michael McGregor, following Coast's offer.

“I'm just blown away and just very thankful for somebody to do that and step up to the plate and do something that big for someone,” he said.

Despite the generous offer, McGregor said he is unsure he and Rebecca will be able to move the home, which could cost more than $20,000, to their property and that his immediate focus remains on their two young children, as well as Rebecca's recovery.

Coast said if the young couple is unable to move the home, she and her husband will offer it to any tornado victim in need of a place to live.

It remains unclear when Roberts will be released from the hospital; however she is expected to make a full recovery.

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