Senate delays bill to ban Medicaid growth

Senate delays bill to ban Medicaid growth (Image 1)
Senate delays bill to ban Medicaid growth (Image 1)

Efforts on Tennessee's Capitol Hill to ban the controversial expansion of government health care coverage have been put on hold for now.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Kelsey of Shelby County has been “taken off notice” meaning the measure won't come up in a committee for now, but could come up later this legislative session.

Word of it came Thursday morning from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey who said Gov. Bill Haslam and his administration want additional time to study the impact of the Medicaid expansion as part of President Obama's health care law.

Supporters say the expansion could cover several hundred thousand more low income Tennesseans and mean up several billion dollars in Federal health care dollars for the state.

Kelsey says he filed the bill because he's “concerned about the Tennessee taxpayer first” and “worried about putting people on programs, then cutting them off when there is not enough money.”

When asked about bringing his Medicaid expansion ban bill up again Kelsey said he will “let the process run its course.”

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