Clarksville man gets tax form marked 666, quits

Clarksville man gets tax form marked 666, quits (Image 1)

A maintenance worker at a Clarksville foundry says he quit his job because his W-2 tax form was stamped with the number 666.

Walter Slonopas told Nashville's News 2 that the number, which is commonly known as the number of the beast in the book of Revelation in the Bible, has appeared three times since he went to work at Con-Tech as a maintenance technician.

Slonopas said the numbers appeared on his company ID his first day on the job.

The company had given him 666 as an employee number, after Slonopas took his concerns to the company's HR department, they changed it to 668.

Sometime later, the company installed new clock-in/out machines and again, Walter was given the number 666.

Then, last week, Walter's supervisor handed him his W-2 form from 2012 which was stamped with the number 666.

“They said, ‘So what? It's just number,'” Slonopas said, adding, “But I said it's not just number. It's the number of Satan.”

Slonopas said the recurring number cannot be a coincidence, but thinks it is a test from God or Satan since the Bible instructs people not to accept the number of the beast, and he isn't.

Slonopas is not alone in his avoidance of the number.

Laurie Cooper said she also stays away from things bearing the number 666, though she did not think she would drive her to quit a job.

“I just know what it signifies, what it is referencing and what the bible says about it,” she said.

Cooper also said she does not let the number bother her because her faith is strong.

Jon Ruttencutter said he understands the concerns the number raises for people, even though it does not cause the same amount of concern for him.

“It is just a superstition. I think it's up to anybody to make their own decision on it,” he said. “People have a lot of hold on their faith.”

He continued,” If other people don't believe in it that is fine its up to them.”

Jamie Gaskins has a different view of the number. She says 666 has been a good number for her.

“I have had no problems with 666,” she said. “Although a lot of people believe it's the mark of the devil, it is my birthday.”

Gaskins was born August 6, 1966 or 8-6-66.

Slonopas is currently looking for a new job.

A spokesman from the parent company of Con-Tech told Nashville's News 2 that they would like Walter to return.

The company said they will get Slonopas a new W-2 form, and it's effectively banned the number 666 from being used within the company.

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