Report: Nashville drivers spent 47 extra hours sitting in traffic in ’11

Report: Nashville drivers spent 47 extra hours sitting in traffic in '11 (Image 1)

A new report released by researchers from Texas A&M found that Nashville is among the most congested cities with motorists spending nearly two days sitting in traffic in 2011.

On average, commuters spent a total of 47 hours waiting in traffic. The amount of wasted time sitting in congested traffic is said to have cost motorists around $1,000 in gas costs and lost productivity.

“It's frustrating, if you think about how much money you're losing in gas but also in lost work time,” motorist Chris Morgan said.

Nationwide that amount skyrockets to $121 billion.

The reports found that many Americans, including Tennesseans, are adapting to road congestion, with many allowing around an hour on average to make a trip that would take 20 minutes without traffic tie ups. 

“I plan ahead and give myself extra time, but like I said it's getting worse with the growth of the city. I've seen it. I've been here 22 years now.” Tom Robison told Nashville's News 2.

While were surprised to see Nashville ranked 11th, TDOT spokesperson Deanna Lambert agreed.

“I feel like it [the study] might be a little misleading because the traffic samplings for this study were taken over a period of year on random days. Those days could have been perhaps when we had a bad accident on the interstate so I feel a more accurate representation of our congregation might have been if the study looked at everyday, a consistent amount of what traffic is like on a daily basis,” Lambert told Nashville's News 2.

In an effort to alleviate traffic, the agency is currently spending $7.6 million to widen portions of Interstate 440.

“What we do to really try to get a grasp on congestion. We look at long term planning, we study different interstates for different areas that might need improvement for the bottleneck situation,” Lambert said.

Washington DC, Los Angles, San Francisco and New York were among the worst cities to commute into in the country.  

Click here for more information on the Texas A&M report.

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