Community works to restore cemetery damaged by EF2 tornado

Community works to restore cemetery damaged by EF2 tornado (Image 1)

A more than 100 year old cemetery in the Coble community was heavily damaged after an EF2 tornado ripped through Hickman County last week.

Three old Oak trees located in Cagle Cemetery were blown over during the storms, smashing covering and damaging multiple headstones.

“We have been for days, here with chainsaws, wood splitters and tractors just trying to clear out as much as we can,” resident Edie Cornelius said.
Cornelius is among those who have been helping in the cleanup.

She said immediately following the tornado, she could not even see into the cemetery because of all the downed trees.

“My daughter and I had to climb up the hill to get to here and you couldn't even see in here because of all the downed trees,” she said.

She told Nashville's News 2 the century old cemetery is not only a special place to her, but also to many other residents.

“It is very special to me because my daughter is buried here and my mother-in-law and just friends of ours from our community,” she explained, adding, “It is just important historically and sentimentally for all the community that have their family here.”

Cornelius added she is very thankful for all the help she has received in cleaning up the cemetery.  

In an effort to help with relief efforts, logs from the downed Oak trees will be sold to a lumber year.

The Coble community is also hosting a relief benefit concert on Saturday at the Old Coble County Store.

All proceeds will benefit the Coble Relief Fund. For more information visit the community's Facebook page.

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