Accumulating Snow Surprised TDOT

Saturday's snowfall in Rutherford County took the Tennessee Department of Transportation by surprise.

We knew there was a storm and the possibility of something coming”, said TDOT spokesperson Deanna Lambert, “I think what we might have been surprised by, as everybody Saturday morning was the accumulation and how much feel in a short amount of time.”

Interstate 24 between Nashville and Murfreesboro was especially affected by the snow. Dozens of accidents slowed drivers for a couple of hours and likely led to a fatal accident at mile-marker 81.

According to an accident report, Fed Ex driver Bryan Delk couldn't stop his van when the truck in front of him slowed for an accident ahead.

Lambert said TDOT was  prepared for the weather that was forecasted by meteorologists, but wasn't prepared for what hit. “We had trucks out that morning salting since six, five o'clock in some areas but really we only have so many resources and we only have so many trucks that can get around” said Lambert.


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