10-year-old girl receives new heart

10-year-old girl receives new heart (Image 1)

Ten-year-old Jamea Lee has a new heart after the one she was born with practically stopped beating.

The Columbia girl was first taken to the doctor for a sore throat that wouldn't go away.

The pediatrician sent her to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital where cardiologists ordered that she have a heart transplant as soon as possible.

Lee's Godmother Taconya Lee told Nashville's News 2 that when doctors examined Jamea they found her heart functioning at just 14%.

“It wasn't even pulsating, it was simply rocking,” Pride said. “If you don't have a heart rhythm, you're dead. Clinically dead.”

Jamea's mom Margo said it was more than just excellent surgeons who saved her daughter's life.

“Prayers from all my family, friends, just everybody from all over has been praying and that is the only way we've made it through this far,” she said. “It was nothing but the grace of God. No other explanation.”

Jamea is up and around at the Ronald McDonald house near Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

She told Nashville's News 2 almost the moment she received the new heart on January 14, she felt like a new person.

“I didn't talk, I would just sit there and just look around, and now I talk more. I feel more, I can't explain it,” she said.

Jamea added she is looking forward to returning home to Columbia. Doctors told her she may be able to go home in five weeks.

Once home, Jamea is planning to get a boxer bulldog puppy.

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