Burglars strike Hendersonville jewelry store in weekend heist

Burglars strike Hendersonville jewelry store in weekend heist (Image 1)

Hanging behind the counter at Hendersonville Jewelers on West Main Street, overlooking glass display cases that now sit empty is a framed copy of the Ten Commandments.

Brian Stubblefield, one of the store's owners, came to work Monday morning to discover that someone had broken into the store.

“I walked in and noticed there was light coming in the back room where I know there's not supposed to be light,” Stubblefield told Nashville's News 2. “They just took everything.”

The store specializes in antique and estate jewelry. Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise were taken from the store's safe.

The store has surveillance cameras and a security system, but that didn't stop the thieves.

Police told Nashville's News 2 the burglars cut a hole in the building's roof. They disabled the security features, and dropped into a back office where they cracked the safe.

“These guys are professionals. They knew what they were doing,” said Stubblefield.

Hendersonville police are investigating the crime. So far they haven't named any suspects.

“You can tell they've done this before,” said Hendersonville Police Detective Jim Vaughn. “From my understanding, White House Police Department are investigating a similar crime. We've reached out to them, and our detectives are working closely with them.”

Stubblefield told Nashville's News 2 the store was insured. He added he hopes to re-open in a matter of weeks, but there is still work to do in the meantime.

“Our main focus is to make sure that if our customers had merchandise that we were selling on consignment or they had repairs here. We're trying to find out exactly who had what and how much so we can take care of them as soon as possible,” said Stubblefield.

Stubblefield credits his faith for helping him get through the ordeal.

“God's going to take care of us,” said Stubblefield. “We're going to be fine and come back stronger than ever.”

Anyone with information about on the recent break in is urged to call Hendersonville police at 615- 822-1111.

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