Parents charged after feces, urine found in home

Parents charged after feces, urine found in home (Image 1)

Murfreesboro police arrested a local couple after their home where three young children live was found blanketed with dog feces and urine.

Deputies discovered the home on Cedar Street off County Farm Road in deplorable conditions Tuesday after a neighbor called police to report two young boys playing outside with no supervision.

Their parents, Travis Krueger, 24, and his live-in girlfriend, Jennifer Winstanley, 22, were found inside asleep.

“Nearly the entire floor inside the residence was covered in dog feces and saturated with urine,” Deputy Joshua Anderson reported.  “I observed one of the children walking around the house, through the feces, with no shoes or socks on.”

The boys, both age 3, live in the home, along with a five-year-old boy.

According to police, Krueger is the father of one of the three-year-olds and Winstanley is the mother of the five-year-old and the second three-year-old boy.
“There was dog feces and urine on the floor of every room I entered,” Detective Steve Craig added, “newspapers, used drinking cups and soiled paper towels were scattered about the residence. Used dishes were piled in the sink with discarded food scattered around the stove.”

In addition, a pair of soiled pull-ups was discarded in a box in the kitchen.  More urine and feces were left on the children's bedrooms, laundry room and utility closet.

The home was deemed unsafe and officers from Pet Adoption and Welfare Services took possession of 11 dogs. 

Krueger and Winstanley were each charged with reckless endangerment and booked into the Rutherford County jail.  They were also cited with animal cruelty

A February 11 court date has been set.

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