Father accused of making moonshine at Williamson County home

Father accused of making moonshine at Williamson County home (Image 1)

A Williamson County father and husband is accused of making moonshine in the basement of his home.

Authorities discovered the moonshine operation on Tuesday night after pulling over DUI offender Joe Ray on Peytonsville Road.

According to officials, Ray had just purchased three quarts of illegal moonshine from the 38-year-old College Grove man.

Since moonshine is involved, the Alcoholic Beverage Commission was called into the investigation.

Upon searching the home, special agents discovered two active stills and 40 gallons of moonshine in the basement.

“If you possess more than five gallons of moonshine, it is a felony in the state of Tennessee,” Special Agent Matthew Larkins said.

An unidentified agent added, “It was obvious from the amount that was there and several different containers that there were many people coming by that residence to purchase.”

Authorities estimate that on average, a gallon of the illegal alcohol would cost between $40 and $50.

Agents told Nashville's News 2 Investigates the man claimed he did not realize it was illegal to make moonshine. It remains unclear if the homeowner realized how dangerous the operation was.

“Not sure he considered that because he was making financial gain from it,” an agent said.

According to the ABC, the only beverages a person can produce are those that are not distilled in a cooking process, which is beer and wine.

The accused man will have his case presented to a Williamson County grand jury.  He could face felony charges for having more than five gallons of moonshine.

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