Talent show benefits girl paralyzed in drunk driving crash

Talent show benefits girl paralyzed in drunk driving crash (Image 1)

An elementary school in Clarksville rallied around a seven-year-old girl who only has a two percent chance to ever walk again on Tuesday night.

Emily Jean Mills was just five-years-old when the vehicle she was a passenger in was struck head on by a drunk driver.

“Emily was driving home with my sister. She was sleeping in the back of my sister's car in her booster seat. The drunk driver swerved over into my sister's lane and hit them head on,” mother Stephanie Rutherford explained. “Emily suffered from a spinal cord injury that's left her paralyzed, she had a tear in her colon and a two inch gash in her trachea.”

Rutherford added, “She [Emily] tries to stay strong but there are just days where she just wants to cry, wants to be held, wants to be left alone.”

Since the accident, the Clarksville community has offered support to Emily and her family in an effort to raise $100,000 to attend a stem cell research program in Texas and a rehabilitation program in Kentucky.

Tuesday night's fundraiser was hosted by West Creek Elementary School.

Though Emily does not attend West Creek, the school wanted to help out when they heard her story.

“I can't even describe it, I'm speechless about it, the whole community has pitched in,” Rutherford said.

Emily's family is hopeful the surgery could help her walk again.

“We just have to keep her positive and I have to get her into every possibly procedure I can to help her walk again,” Rutherford said.

For more information on Emily, visit her Facebook page.

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