Donations help business owners finish glitter floor project

Donations help business owners finish glitter floor project (Image 1)

After a do-it-yourself project went wrong, two east Nashville business owners said strangers reached out to them to help them finish their dream of installing a glittery gold floor.  

Kate Mills and Ashley Shehan are the owners of, Old Made Good, which recently relocated to Gallatin Pike.

The two women told Nashville's News 2 after moving their store, which sells vintage items and opens to the public on February 6; they decided they wanted to add some sparkle to the new place.

The pair said they covered the entire floor with gold glitter before the project quickly went astray.

With costs and frustration mounting, Mills and Shehan said nothing they tried kept the glitter on the floor, forcing the women to ask for help.

“We didn't want to ask for money,” Mills said, adding, “That's a strange position to be in as a business.”

Soon the dilemma surrounding the glitter floor project hit the Internet, first on a blog and Twitter before the two posted a video online.

Heartfelt letters and donations quickly poured in from those who were inspired by the project.

“So many strangers gave money because they wanted to see the small business kind of beat the beast that the floor turned into,” Mills said.

Shehan added, “People put their money where their mouth was and it was amazing.”

After receiving more than $7,000 in donations and some professional help, Mills and Shehan's sparkly dream is now a reality.

“There's no way we could've ever done it without the people of Nashville chipping in,” Mills said.

For more information on Ole Made Good, visit their Web site.

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