Maury County commissioner arrested for stalking

Maury County commissioner arrested for stalking (Image 1)

Maury County Commissioner William Roddy was arrested Saturday night in Mt. Pleasant and charged with stalking.

According to Mt. Pleasant's chief of Police, Roddy was stopped a couple of weeks ago for running a stop sign at the corner of Pleasant Street and Haylong Avenue.

Roddy was written two tickets; one for running a stop sign and one for not furnishing proof of insurance.

Roddy admits he didn't have a current insurance card, but insists he came to a complete stop.

“I stopped at the stop sign and I proceeded through there,” Roddy told Nashville's News 2 Sunday, “[it] was about a half-second and I moved on. That's the way I do.”

Early Saturday morning, the wife of the officer who wrote the tickets found Roddy parked in their driveway and called police.

Late Saturday evening, after obtaining a warrant, police arrested Roddy at his home and took him to the Maury County jail.  He has been released on a $1,500 bond.

Roddy insists the officer's wife's accusations are untrue.

“I know within my heart that she's lying. She's telling a bear-faced lie and I can call her a liar because I know she's lying,” Roddy said.

Roddy told Nashville's News 2 he was set up by police because of critical comments he posted on his Facebook page about the Mt. Pleasant Police Department's tactics.

“They're not giving tickets for the safety of the citizens, they're giving tickets for revenue,” he explained, adding, “Just because an officer gives me a ticket doesn't mean I'm guilty.  I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty. I'm innocent of all charges.”

Nashville's News 2 visited the officer at his home Sunday afternoon but he declined to comment.

The chief said the officer followed proper procedures and has done nothing wrong. He said he planned to talk to the officer on Monday.

Roddy has served as District 10 commissioner in Maury County for three years.

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