JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: January 27, 2012

 Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Refrigerator Perry. …

  • Baseball and St. Louis lost a legend when Stan “The Man'' Musial died at age 92.

    Nashville's retired political/sports radio freelance reporter Sherman Novoson grew up in St. Louis and spent countless time at the old Sportsman Park.

    Novoson dropped me an e-mail, which I share with you today.

    “My uncle did business with Gus Busch. He had the largest chain on liquor stores in Missouri, so he got free tickets and knew Musial. I was eight when I first met (Musial) in the locker rom. He shook my hand many times and said, “Call me Stan.'''

    “He asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. … I said I did not know and he told me this, and to this day I will never forget what he said to me: Be what you want, stick to it and you will win in life.''

    Novoson remembers when Musial would hit a home run and the announcer saying, “It's out of here on Grand and Dodier.''

    “He broke all kinds of records, but unlike today, without the drugs,'' Novoson added. “How sad we don't have a Stan the Man today that kids can look up to like I did him. I sure miss him.''

  • Tennessee Coach Cuonzo Martin and Purdue Coach Matt Painter were standing up against a wall Saturday night as Ensworth paid a visit to Christ Presbyterian Academy in perhaps the most anticipated regular season high school basketball games in the state.

    Louisville Coach Rick Pitino had stopped by CPA earlier in the week.

    Why the fuss? CPA junior Jalen Lindsey and freshman Braxton Blackwell are two of the highest ranked D-1 prospects in their classes and CPA senior Jake Allsmiller has verbally committed to Belmont.

    Senior guard Corn Elder leads Ensworth. He is a TSSAA Mr. Football, who is highly sought in that sport by a number of BCS conference teams, although he has let it be known he would also like to play basketball along with football.

    They are not the only ones on the two teams that will play college basketball at some level.

    It made for a high-scoring, fast-paced competitive game. Others spotted in the crowd were former Titans quarterback Neil O'Donnell and ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit as well as recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer and national radio talk show host Bill King.

    Ensworth held a 32-28 lead at intermission, but CPA outscored Ensworth in the second half, 48-38. Allsmiller, Ramsey and Blackwell led the second-half comeback.

    CPA went up 62-55 with 4:31 remaining on Allsmiller's 3-point bomb behind the top of the key. Allsmiller led CPA with 22 points, Lindsey heated up after halftime to finish with 18 points and Blackwell had 10 points for Coach Drew Maddux's team.

    Elder led all scorers with 25 points.

  • It is amazing how many weird bets you can make on the Super Bowl next Sunday. These odds are provided by Bovado.

    They are putting an over-under bet of two minutes, 15 seconds on how long it will take Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem and bets on whether or not she will be booed. You can bet on what color of top Beyonce will wear out first for her halftime appearance and whether Beyonce's hair will be straight or curly/crimped.

    Bets are taken on how many times Jack Harbaugh's name will be said during the game. Over/under is 1½. Also the over-under (1½) on how many times the game will be called the Harbaugh Bowl or Harbowl.

    You can get 5-1 odds that an active player will be arrested before the Super Bowl. You can bet on what color the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be and if Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is interviewed after the game on the field and locker room, how many times he mentions God or Lord. Over/under is 3. They have to be kidding. If they win, Reverend Ray will pass three in his first sentence.

  • Ole Miss junior guard is averaging 19.4 points a game, No. 21 in the country. He also hits 87.2 percent of his free throws, first in the SEC, No. 37 in the country. On 3-pointers, Henderson sinks 36.1 percent, No 65 in the country.

    Someone suggested Henderson reminds him of the late Pistol Pete Maravich. Unequivocally, there's no way. Nice player, but no Pistol.

  • The upcoming SEC Men's Basketball Tournament at Bridgestone Arena will have games five days. There will be two games on Wednesday, four each on Thursday and Friday, two on Saturday and the championship game and automatic NCAA Tournament bid at noon Sunday.

    Nashville will host the tournament in four of the next seven years, with 2017 and 2018 still open.

  • You might have seen former Tennessee basketball player C.J. Watson sitting behind the Vols bench during the Ole Miss Game at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    Watson is on the Brooklyn Nets roster and they were in Memphis to play the Grizzlies the next night.

    In the 101-77 loss, Watson scored nine points, had three rebounds, an assist and no turnovers in 24 minutes. For the season he has played in 41 games, averaging 6.5 points and 1.6 assists a game while averaging 18.1 minutes a game.

  • The SEC will honor 12 more basketball legends of the game during the SEC Tournament.

    Representing Tennessee will be Len Kosmalski while Mike “Country'' Rhodes will be Vanderbilt's honoree.

    I find it strange that Eddie Fogler is South Carolina's nominee, while Fogler made his mark as Vanderbilt's coach. In his final year here, Fogler's team made the Sweet 16 and was named National Coach of the Year. When then AD Paul Hoolahan and Chancellor Joe B. Wyatt failed to call Fogler to offer him a bonus or extension, he took South Carolina's offer. In my book, it was South Carolina's gain, Vanderbilt's loss.

  • North Carolina kayaker Pat Keller became the first to go over Ozone Falls in Cumberland County. It is a 100-foot drop and after days of rain, Keller decided to make the plunge.

    His helmet cam ended up at the bottom of the falls, as did his paddle that he dropped half-way down. Niagara Falls measures 167 feet.

  • Forbes Magazine lists Lakers star Kobe Bryant as the top wage earner for last year at a total of $59.8 million in salary and endorsements. Bryant was followed by LeBron James, whose total came in at $57.6 million.

    Former University of Memphis star Derrick Rose made the biggest improvement from the previous year as the Chicago Bulls star jumped to No. 3 on the list, sparked by an Adidas deal that will pay him $185 million over 13 years.

    Here's a guy who allegedly had someone else take his college aptitude test. Bryant and James went the NBA route out of high school.

    Golfer Tiger Woods dropped $50 million in earnings the past two years, but still earned $75 million.

  • Birmingham based sports talk show host Paul Finebaum, a proud Tennessee graduate, saw his contract with WJOX expire and he now has a three-month non-compete with Cumulus owned WJOX.

    JOX will replace him with its former mid-day show with Ryan Brown, Jim Dunaway and Lance Taylor, a show that fails to have the name recognition Finebaum has developed for years.

    At his first public appearance since his contract expired, Finebaum refuted a report on a Nashville-based website that he would sign with the ESPN station in Birmingham.

    Finebaum is said to be exploring other options, including national network shows. If he gets a national gig, I'm not sure he will be able to rely on endless hours of Alabama and Auburn fans yakking at each other. I've always said Finebaum was the first to recognize that Alabama is the only state in the country where he could talk Alabama and Auburn football all year.

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