Gun debate draws more voices at rally

Gun debate draws more voices at rally (Image 1)

For the second Saturday in a row, the issue of gun control and the Second Amendment played out at a Nashville rally.

Calling itself a group of moms and other concerned citizens, the Tennessee Chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control marched, carried signs and spoke of a simple message at Sevier Park.

“We want to start the conversation about common sense gun control,” said Kathleen Wright, who identified herself as co-founder of the Tennessee chapter.

Among the crowd of about 100 people was Rev. Enoch Fuzz who has long marched and preached about gun control, often citing incidents in his north Nashville community.

“This morning I woke up to the news of someone being killed three blocks from home,” he told Nashville's News 2. “I have often sat up in bed at the sound of gunshots.

Wright said her group has four main points.

“We want background checks on the purchases of all guns, we want to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, we want to report any large quantity sale of ammunition to the ATF or proper authorities, and we want smart gun-free zones,” she told the crowd.

Those points were 180-degrees from the words last Saturday in the shadow of the state capitol.

Second Amendment supporters are pushing for a variety of laws in Tennessee in response to any future federal gun control.

Several state lawmakers spoke including Rep. Joe Carr, who supports a bill making it a misdemeanor for any federal agent to enforce any new gun control measure out of Washington.

There were personal stories at last week's rally as well. 

Nikki Goeser told the crowd how she would have been able to carry her permitted gun at Jonny's Bar in April 2009 where husband was shot and killed in front of her while running a Karaoke business.

“I always wonder know if I could have stopped that from happening,” she said at the rally.

Might Governor Bill Haslam mention either the Second Amendment or gun control in Monday's State of the State speech?

He and House Speaker Beth Harwell have said it's not a priority but there's no shortage of voices demanding some kind of action.

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