Education reform, school safety plans expected in State of the State

Education reform, school safety plans expected in State of the State (Image 1)

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is expected to address two hot button issues in his annual State of the State Address Monday night.

Last week, the governor made it clear that a school voucher program will be part of his education reform plan in the coming year.

“We actually decided over the last couple of weeks that we will have a voucher bill.  It will be means tested, and it will be focused on our lowest performing schools,” said Haslam.

The school voucher program would allow parents to use public money to send children to private schools.

Governor Haslam has been previously undecided about whether he would take the lead on a voucher proposal.

Local school boards, including Metro Nashville, are expected to lobby against school vouchers.

For two consecutive Saturdays, the issues of gun control and Second Amendment rights have played out in Nashville with rallies.

So far, Haslam has been unclear about his stance on gun control.

“The answer is not always legislation.  The answer is our mental health professionals and our mental health department.  All of us need to do everything we can to prevent and identify people who need help and make sure they get the right help,” said Haslam.

The State of the State address will take place Monday at 6 p.m.

Nashville's News 2 will have complete coverage.

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