Man who threatened to kill people over gun control apologizes

Man who threatened to kill people over gun control apologizes (Image 1)

A Tennessee man who posted a video on YouTube January 9 threatening civil war and killing people if President Barack Obama used his executive power to ban assault weapons apologized for the his words in a new video uploaded online Friday.

James Yeager is CEO of Tactical Response in Camden.  Tactical Response is a training company according to Yeager's Facebook Page.

After reports that President Obama planned to restrict the sale of certain “assault” rifles and ammunition through executive order, Yeager uploaded a video to his YouTube channel.

Executive order would allow the president's changes to take effect without Congressional approval.

“Vice-President [Joe] Biden is asking the President to bypass Congress and use executive order to ban assault rifles and impose stricter gun control f%$^ that,” Yeager said in the video. “I'll tell you if that happens, it will spark a civil war and I will be glad to fire the first shot.”

He continued, “I am not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I am not letting anyone take my guns if it goes any further I am going to start killing people.”

Following his post Yeager re-edited the video to remove the last statement, but it was already viewed by several people.

On his Facebook page he noted on Monday that he lost 2,672 subscribers to his YouTube channel, but gained 14,384 subscribers.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security subsequently suspended Yeager handgun carry permit.

According to the department, they suspended his permit for “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public.”

Yeager posted another video Friday denouncing the volatile aspects of his previous video, while still advocating for gun rights advocates to fight increased restrictions on gun purchases.

“In my other video I said some pretty volatile stuff which I apologize for,” he said. “I do not in any way advocate the overthrowing of the United States government, nor do I condone any violent action toward any elected official.”

Yeager appeared with Nashville attorney Dana McClendon who stressed that the way to fight increased gun control is through civic channels.

“What is happening is there are some politicians out there that are seducing these people by telling them they have the solution to their safety,” McClendon said. “I think it is important for people who are on our side of this equation to contact their legislators.”

The state of Tennessee has not reinstated Yeager's handgun carry permit.

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