Petition aims to overturn gun ban at Cool Springs Galleria

Petition aims to overturn gun ban at Cool Springs Galleria (Image 1)

Local gun owners plan to fight back against a busy Middle Tennessee mall after mall officials posted signs banning firearms.

Multiple signs are posted at entrances at the Cool Springs Galleria stating that firearms are banned on the property. The signs have prompted local gun owners to start a petition.

The petition was posted on just over a week ago. It already has more than 1,000 signatures.

Bill Fairchild added his name to the petition Wednesday after hearing about it on a local radio station.

Fairchild told Nashville's News 2 that a “no guns” policy won't deter someone with intentions to harm others.

“The people who perpetrate the mass murders do not bother to obey a sign they see when they want to enter a public place or school,” Fairchild said.

The petition acknowledges the mall's lawful right to restrict firearms but those who've signed it say they want the policy changed or they will take their business elsewhere.

“I signed it to put my opinion out there,” said Fairchild, a self-described Libertarian.  “I don't think it's going to change the mindset of the owners of that mall.”

The petition was authored by Jayme Braun of Nashville. He has also created a Facebook page where people can find more information about the petition.

“We understand the mall has a right as a private business to post signs taking away our ability to carry our weapons there,” Braun told Nashville's News 2, “We also have the right to take away their revenue by not shopping there.”

Braun explained that every signature on the petition is representative of an entire household's spending power. He told Nashville's News 2 the mall stands to lose a large chunk of revenue from the petition's signees.

“We simply will not go to businesses that are so-called gun free zones,” continued Braun, “As we have seen [gun free zones are] where criminals target, knowing they will have little resistance to their inflicting harm on others.”

Nashville's News 2 reached out to mall management, who declined to comment. CBL & Associates Properties operates 22 shopping centers in Tennessee.

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