Neighbors fight against new Clarksville apartment complex

Neighbors fight against new Clarksville apartment complex (Image 1)

When Stephanie Ware looks out at her front yard and across Nolen Road in Clarksville, she's not happy.

“It used to be a nice, quiet neighborhood,” said Ware. “You'd drive up the hill and it was your own little home away from home. It wasn't like you were even in the city.”

Now, instead of a nice tract of open land, Ware sees a giant apartment complex called The Grove.

“We've gone from having that nice, peaceful atmosphere to where there are fire alarms going off constantly. You have sirens going off constantly,” explained Ware.

In 2012, Clarksville police had 554 calls to The Grove, ranging from loud music and parties to murder.

Things have gotten so bad, homeowners like Ware feel their only option is to sell their house.

“We loved our neighborhood. They forced us from it. Now we're all trying to find different homes to keep our children safe,” Ware told Nashville's News 2.

Ware said she's also worried about her young son, because there is constant traffic on the street

What has Ware even more concerned is a re-zoning proposal for a piece of land next to The Grove; a developer is asking the Clarksville City Council to change it from residential to apartments.

“There's not been anyone that's not been outraged about it that I've talked to,” said Karen Sutton, who lives next door to the piece of land in question, and has been knocking on doors to tell people about the proposal.

“We don't want that right next door to us as anybody wouldn't want that right next door to you,” Sutton added.

Kaye Jones is the councilwoman for Ward 11, the area that would be impacted.

“It's really now it's one side against the other,” said Jones, who told Nashville's News 2 she spoke to the developer about his plans.

Jones said she's urging the city council to vote “no” on the re-zoning request.

“I think they've paid their fair price,” said Jones. “There has to be some other way this property can be used other than apartments.”

Sutton and the rest of the neighbors who live here say they're ready for a fight.

“We're going to fight as much as we can,” Sutton told Nashville's News 2. “We're not going to quit, we're not going to back down.”

The group has started an event page on Facebook called “Stop the Nolen Road Rezoning.”

Sutton and Ware said they plan to be at the next meeting to make their voices heard.

The developer's attorney told Nashville's News 2 they don't want to comment on the issue since it is still ongoing.

The proposal will be in front of the Clarksville city council on February 7 at 6:30 p.m. at 601 Public Square.

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