Medical spa victim calling for new legislation

Medical spa victim calling for new legislation (Image 1)

A La Vergne woman is fighting back after becoming a victim of a botched laser facial at a Mid-State medical spa.

Daphne Carroll received a laser facial from an aesthetician at a medical spa in Murfreesboro in 2007 and was left with life-threatening injuries.

“I had breathing problems and I was severely burned and my eyes weren't working,” she recalled.

More than five years later, Carroll is in constant pain, hardly leaves her home and is left with the permanent nerve damage to her face and eyes.

Carroll is now calling for stricter laws in Tennessee because she says many spas are not under the direct supervision of a doctor and only doctors should be allowed to operate such surgical lasers.

“[Medical spas] contract with the physicians, basically lending their license to the facility,” Carroll told Nashville's News 2.  “They're able to put this doctor's name on the door and it's very deceptive to the public because [clients] walk in and see this doctor's name and they'll tell you like they told me, we have a doctor.”

Carroll added, “Some states will only allow physicians to use lasers.”

Last year, a bill for tougher regulation on laser treatments sponsored by Senator Jim Tracy and Representative Mike Sparks failed.

During this year's upcoming legislative session Carroll is again working with Senator Tracy.

“Senator Tracy has been wonderful and I really hope he'll continue to push for this and get something done,” Carroll said.

The first step will be for the State Department of Health Med Spa task force to meet this Thursday.

Carroll hopes the task force will come up with guidelines to help draft new legislation to make sure no one else experiences her same pain.

“I just really hope it gets taken care of this year so no one else gets hurt,” added Carroll.

The medical spa where Carroll received her treatment has since closed down.

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