Cold Weather Affects Middle Tennesseans

Cold temperatures over the next several nights will affect middle Tennesseans.

Pets will be most affected by the cold, particularly short-haired outdoor dogs and puppies. Mary Davis at Volunteer Vet Clinic in Hendersonville says it's important to give those pets extra attention. “If it's possible to bring the dog in. Even if it's a garage, it doesn't have to be heated” she said. Davis suggested bringing young dogs and older ones that are affected more than other dogs by freezing temperatures. “Long haired dogs like your malamutes, huskies, St. Bernard's they're used to it, and any dog that is acclimated to cold weather, if this dog is outside all of the time they'll have an easier time but you still want protection.”

Davis recommends pet owners use bedding in outdoor or garage dog houses. Pine straw or blankets will provide those pets necessary protection and advises that wind will harm pets. She also suggests clothing dogs with pet sweaters or jackets.

“Another thing you want to think about is water” she said. “Make sure the water goes inside the structure so that it also stays warm, because water will freeze.”

Most plants will not be damaged from the forecasted teen temperatures. Horticulturist Bob Scott from Long Hollow Gardens on Long Hollow Pike in Gallatin says some boxwoods may be an exception. “Depending on your location and how much wind is coming you'd want to wrap those. We generally use burlap” he said. .”A thick sheet will protect this foliage from desecrating from super cold winds and frozen ground where they can't get any moisture.”

News 2 checked several retail stores and found most had insulated clothing, long johns, caps and gloves. Those retailers didn't sell what they had during last year's warmer than usual temperatures.

Pizza places, particularly those what deliver see an increase in orders during the cold. Adam Gliemli who owns Fox's Pizza Den in Hendersonville told News 2 “It increases sales, anything that keeps people in doors in front of their television will make us a lot busier. Normally during weekdays Fox's Pizza will have one delivery driver working, but Monday and Tuesday evenings that will likely change. “We may have to call some more people in this evening when it gets cold. football season does the same thing” said Gliemli.

News 2 also spoke to two plumbers who said temperatures in the teens rarely causes problems with pipes freezing. They both suggested people keep doors closed in garages to prevent winds from blowing directly onto some water pipes.

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