Lawrence County director praised for keeping students in school

Lawrence County director praised for keeping students in school (Image 1)

Despite harsh criticism from some parents, many now say Lawrence County's director of schools made “the right call” not to dismiss class early Thursday due to snow.

Forecasters predicted snow followed by warmer temperatures later in the day.

Dr. Bill Heath decided to keep kids in school until 3 p.m., which is the normal dismissal time.

He felt it would be “too dangerous” to let kids go home early, while it was snowing.

“Most definitely we were not going to put kids on the road when the roads were bad and slick,” Dr. Heath told Nashville's News 2.

At the time not all parents agreed with Heath's decision.

More than two dozen parents called local radio station Mix 106 to voice their disapproval live on the air.

“A number of parents were a little bit upset,” said disc jockey Brad Brown with WDXE.

Friday, many parents spoke out in support of the school district's leader, praising him for keeping students in school.

“I think he made the right call because by the time school let out, it was clear. There was nothing there,” said Maribeth Smith.

“It doesn't matter what you decide, sort of like a referee at a ball game, 50% of the time people don't like it,” said Dr. Heath.

Several crashes were reported in the county Thursday due to hazardous conditions.

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