High demand for ammunition could affect local police departments

High demand for ammunition could affect local police departments (Image 1)

For weeks, speculation over President Obama's gun plan has created a surge in gun sales and ammunition purchases.

At Dennis Williams' store, Guns and Leather in Hendersonville, the shelves of ammunition are nearly empty.

“If we come out here and put 10,000 rounds of anything down someone is going to come in and pick up every bit of it,” Williams told Nashville's News 2.

Williams said fear and the possibility of stricter gun control laws following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has been driving customers to buy whatever they can.

Williams said the demand for bullets is affecting some local law enforcement agencies as well.

“We normally supply just a few departments with their ammunition, most of them get it on state contract, but we've had four agencies call us this week looking for ammunition,” Williams told Nashville's News 2.

Many police departments are competing with the military and civilian customers for ammunition.

“Those guys [police] are going to be the last ones to get it because commercially the manufacturers can make more money selling it on the commercial side than they can the [law enforcement] side,” Williams said.

With civilian demand going up, it's slowing down the buying process for some police departments.

LaVergne Police Chief Mike Walker said his department has enough ammunition for the next year.

However with the slow down, Chief Walker is planning ahead.

“We'll go ahead and do an order in the next few weeks more than likely for a portion of a years supply just so that we're sure that we have some to carry over because it has slowed down somewhat,” Chief Walker told Nashville's News 2.

But planning ahead could cost more because demand isn't the only thing on the rise.

“We were looking for some additional Bushmaster or AR15 .223 magazines,” Chief Walker said. “We had found them at one place one day they were like $12.95 and in a little more than 24 hours, the price had actually done up to $27 each.”

President Barack Obama is urging Congress to require background checks for all gun sales, ban both military-style or so-called “assault” weapons, as well as high-capacity magazine clips.

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