Tenn. lawmaker takes aim at feds on president’s gun control

Tenn. lawmaker takes aim at feds on president's gun control (Image 1)

A Rutherford County Republican lawmaker who is thinking of running for Congress is planning what he calls a “pre-emptive strike” against the legislation and executive orders announced Wednesday by President Obama.

State Rep. Joe Carr told Nashville's News 2 he filed a bill Monday that would “will charge any federal agent with a Class A Misdemeanor for enforcing or attempting to enforce a law, statute, rule, regulation or executive order that bans, restricts or requires the registration of any semi automatic firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition.”

Rep. Carr says his legislative action is a response to the president's “continued assault on the 2nd Amendment.”

The lawmaker believes his bill would pass constitutional questions raised by some.

He says he's been working on the bill for several weeks and that Wyoming and Texas already have similar laws.

Rep. Carr announced last month he formed an exploratory committee to decide about running for the congressional seat held by fellow Republican Scott DesJarlais.

The 4th District congressman has faced questions about his personal behavior during a divorce before being elected.

Rep. Carr plans to detail his bill in 2 p.m. news conference Wednesday in Murfreesboro.

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