Supporters, opponents quick to weigh in on Obama proposal

Supporters, opponents quick to weigh in on Obama proposal (Image 1)

After the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama said the nation needed to change.

Wednesday, he outlined what he will do and what he will push Congress to do.

Local politicians and second amendment advocates were quick to respond to the president's gun safety proposals which include universal background checks on anyone buying a gun and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Gun owners like Buford Tune, who teaches a class on firearms safety at the Academy of Personal Protection, said he doe not think it will work.

“It's not going to matter. I mean, if you practice with your gun you can change the magazine out in under a second and a half and continue shooting,” said Tune. “To blame it on a magazine is not going to work.”

Nashville Gun Shop co-owner Demir Demirhisar added, “Everything that he's touched base is going after the second amendment. Why are you taking law abiding citizens rights compared to criminals and what they're trying to do?”

However, Metro Councilman, Jerry Maynard, disagrees and believes tougher gun laws are needed.

“I feel much safer with a ban on high capacity magazines, a ban on weapons of war and military style. We've got to get rid of those,” said Maynard.

As a parent Maynard told Nashville's News 2 it gives him peace of mind.

“It will make sure my eight-year-old son will have an opportunity to go to school, not to a school armed with armed guards, but he can go to school safely and learn because that's the purpose for him going to school,” he said.

Tune admits he wasn't surprised by the president's proposals, but he was surprised there wasn't more.

“I was expecting to see a lot more,” said Tune.

Tune also believes it will be difficult to stop people from making personal sales of their own, meaning no background check is required.

Just the threat of stricter gun control has caused a recent surge in sales.

In Tennessee, they remain at near record levels.

Tune is seeing a trend, more women becoming gun owners and taking classes to learn how to use them.

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