Dierks Bentley credits fans for helping find lost dog

Dierks Bentley credits fans for helping find lost dog (Image 1)

Country superstar Dierks Bentley is crediting fans for helping him find his dog Jake after he ran away during recent storms.

Dierks told Nashville's News 2 his 12-year-old canine became frightened as storms passed over Nashville and jumped over a fence over the weekend.

The singer said he was rehearsing for his upcoming Locked and Reloaded tour when he learned Jake was missing.  

“All my attention is focused on this tour and getting a text from my wife [that said], ‘Hey Jake's missing.' It's like man, the whole bottom drops out from underneath you. It's the worst,” he recalled.

Dierks said he quickly began looking for Jake and also turned to social media to ask fans to be on the lookout for his beloved dog.

“I realized hey, I have Twitter and Facebook, so I sent out a tweet and Boom! Man, it just blew up.  I had people from all over the place [trying to help],” he said.

The search for the fluffy, blonde dog came to an end Monday morning when Dierks and his wife received a call that Jake had been found safe and sound.

“I just wanted to say thanks to everyone out there in Nashville who pitched in, whether it was social media or actually driving your car around, it will be hard to thank everyone individually, but I am so thankful to have my dog back,” Dierks said.

He added, “The one thing I learned from all this is like even though the city is getting so big it still feels like a small town. There is just such a great community of people here willing to do whatever it takes to help you out. Man, a lot of love out there it is pretty cool.

Dierks added he is excited about Jake sharing the road, his bus and being a part of his upcoming tour with Miranda Lambert.

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