Flu continues to spread across Middle Tennessee

Flu continues to spread across Middle Tennessee (Image 1)

Experiencing coughing, aches, and fever?  You are not alone.

The flu is now considered an epidemic in most of the country, including Middle Tennessee.

“We had flu starting around Thanksgiving.  Then it came again at Christmas time.  So it's definitely continued, and we've seen record numbers of patients,” said Sabrina York, Regional Director of The Little Clinic.

Doctors' offices, medical clinics and emergency rooms are flooded with flu patients.

Health officials said they urge anyone who feels sick to take quick action.  

“It's important to get to a clinic and be seen, because within the first 48 hours is when you can get medication to decrease your symptoms,” York explained.

Tamiflu can prevent the symptoms and decrease the severity of the influenza virus.

Health officials are also urging people to be vaccinated.

While some areas of the country are experiencing a vaccination shortage, health officials told Nashville's News 2 the vaccine is still widely available in Middle Tennessee.

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