Proposed gun control drives record sales

Proposed gun control drives record sales (Image 1)

Vice President Joe Biden plans to present a set of recommendations to President Barack Obama that could further restrict the sale of guns.

Thursday Biden said he would present the recommendations next Tuesday. They could include universal background checks for all gun purchases and restricting the sale of large ammunition magazines.

The president directed Biden to come up with the recommendations following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

The president could make some of the changes through executive order, which would not require Congressional approval to take effect.

“You see almost a panic buying right now,” Owner of Guns and Leather in Hendersonville Dennis Smith said. “The problem we are having right now is getting product.”

Smith continued, “If we could get product I don't know where the limit would be on the sales we could make.”

Smith said sales were already breaking records prior to the Newtown tragedy, but when the president signaled possible banning certain weapons, it drove customers to buy guns now that may not be available later.

Customer Cliff Holmes was purchasing a new hunting rifle. He supports more comprehensive background checks, but not restricting gun purchases beyond the laws already in place.

“I think a stronger background check is a good idea, as well as a screening for mental health,” he said. “But I think the second amendment should stay in place as it is without any executive orders from the president.”

Smith said gun control laws effectively keep weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens, but do not effectively keep criminals from getting them.

“Anyway you look at it a criminal does not get his guns by coming into a gun shop and buying them they get them from theft,” he said. “Doing things to cut down on the supply to legal citizens who want them is not going to do anything.”

Gun dealers were already expecting shortages of ammunition and certain weapons prior to the tragedy in Newtown.

Now, the shortages are hitting the sooner than previously expected.

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