Metro Schools do not rule out more SROs

Metro Schools do not rule out more SROs (Image 1)

Metro school officials say new security money won't take away from other classroom needs.

The district will soon spend $5.5 for new security measures.

Metro Schools Security Chief Tony Majors told Nashville's News 2 upgrades were already being planned when the Newtown shootings made every district in America review how students are kept safe, but now the money will be spent more quickly.

Earlier this week, the school broke down the security needs as $3 million for digital monitor upgrades, another $1 million plus for installation of new digital monitors, with the rest for classroom door security and outside door security.

With the bulk of the money for digital surveillance monitors, Majors said it “allows us to have better response time in the event of an emergency.”

He added, “It allows us to link directly to the Office of Emergency management and other law enforcement organizations.”

In a letter to the schools director, Mayor Karl Dean essentially said spend the money now, we'll make it up to you in next year's budget.

The schools security chief denies cutbacks elsewhere like maintenance to upgrade security.

“Even if security makes the purchase of the hardware, its maintenance making the installation,” said Majors. “It's not a situation where it's a give and take; we are not taking from the maintenance budget.”

The $5.5 million in Metro schools security money does include any additional student resource officers, but that could change

“Just know that the conversations have taken place and they will be ongoing,” said Majors.

Standardized school employee badges will also be part of the new security measures.

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