Multiple businesses claim to be victims of alleged conman

Multiple businesses claim to be victims of alleged conman (Image 1)

An alleged conman is behind bars awaiting extradition to Montana and could face more charges in Nashville.

Steven Jacob Goldmann was reportedly living it up in Nashville with cars and clothes, hotels and helicopters, until he was arrested Friday.

Goldmann is considered a fugitive from justice, wanted in Montana for writing worthless checks; but he may have been caught up in a web of lies locally, too.

“He was renting sedans during the day, renting one or two at a time. At nighttime, his favorite was the stretch Hummer,” said Metro Livery Manager Teresa Anglin.

Neither Anglin nor driver Tellis Bell suspected the 24-year-old was not a man of his word.

“He was upbeat and very eager about his new businesses,” said Bell. “He would tell everybody about his new businesses he started.”

Goldmann claimed to be new to town, a successful businessman looking to make a name for himself with money to burn.

During his rides with Bell, he said, “I have all the money I need now. I'm just playing and having fun.”

According to Anglin, Goldmann initially provided a credit card as collateral for services, then promised to send checks for outstanding balances.

He rang up a bill of $12,000 with the car service before the rides came to an end.

“After the checks didn't come, the holidays were gone, I told Mr. Goldmann I had to stop serving him until I got payment,” said Anglin.

He told the same story to high-end fashion designer Manuel.

“[Goldmann said], 'I'll give you a check.' And I said, 'That sounds fine to me,'” he said.

Goldmann came into the Broadway boutique on Christmas Eve asking for same-day service on one-of-a-kind, handmade items.

He told Manuel money was no object. At one point, he even claimed to be related to the well-known Goldman-Sachs investment family.

“It was very convincing,” Manuel said.

Manuel gave up a purse, a gift for Goldmann's girlfriend, and nearly lost a suit to him, before he was told about the bad checks.

The items Goldmann promised to purchase from Manuel totaled $15,000.

But Goldmann didn't stop there.

Agent Tom Repass with Fridrich & Clark Realty told Nashville's News 2 he attempted to rent a 6,000 square foot home on South Curtiswood Lane in the Oak Hill Community.

He was given permission to move furniture into the home. According to Repass, the furniture, worth an estimated $120,000, was delivered, but then removed the next day by the furniture company for non-payment.

At the same time, Goldmann reportedly tried to change the locks to the home. When the rental deposit came up short, Goldmann was denied further access to the home.

Goldmann's spending also involved flying high. Multiple people told Nashville News 2 of conversations with Goldmann regarding personal use of a helicopter for various reasons.

According to an article in The Tennessean, Goldmann was caught after he asked to land a helicopter at a downtown hotel and a hotel manager became suspicious.

Goldmann allegedly began buying high-priced goods and services in the Nashville area using bad checks or faulty credit cards in mid-November.

As many as six businesses have come forward with claims against him.

“From what we understand, everyone that he has come in contact with he has lied to,” said Detective Ryan Catron.

Catron and other investigators with the Metro Nashville Police Department Fraud Unit are still following the paper trail left by Goldmann.

Catron believes it is possible there are more bad checks or charges by Goldmann currently working through banking system, and other businesses may not be aware.

“When people are this elaborate with the type of activity they're engaged in, it makes it more difficult because they have figured out how to use the system to their advantage,” he said.

Those who already feel victimized by Goldmann simply can't understand why.

“I've been here almost eight years, since the company started, and I've never had to deal with anything like this,” said Anglin.

“I've been doing this for 60 years, never ever [have I had a] bad check. People pay their bills,” said Manuel.

Goldmann is expected to be charged by Metro police in upcoming days.

For now, the man of many stories isn't talking.

“The detectives that spoke with him on Friday when he was arrested, he did not have very much to say to them,” Catron said.

Anyone who believes they are a victim of Goldmann, is urged to contact police at 615-862-8600.

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