Lt. Gov. responds ‘bullcrap’ to ‘secret meeting’ accusation

Lt. Gov. responds 'bullcrap' to 'secret meeting' accusation (Image 1)

There have already been some colorful words tossed out on Tennessee's Capitol Hill just one day into this year's legislative session.

Senate Democratic leader Jim Kyle accuses his Republican counterparts of not abiding by Tennessee's open meetings law.

He says Democrats did not have secret meetings when they were in power, like the Republicans are doing now.

“We did not have secret meetings, and we did not have a bill review where we told people how to vote and that is what happened in the last General Assembly,” Sen. Kyle told reporters as the legislature convened on Tuesday.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, who serves as Senate Speaker, did not mince words in responding to the accusation.

“I heard the minority leader say that we have become more closed than before,” Ramsey said Wednesday with a grin. “I think the words I used before, just a few minutes ago, to describe that was bullcrap!”

He toned down his rhetoric slightly by adding that the secret meeting accusation “is absolutely ridiculous.”

Democrats want a legislative vote following the open meetings law.

They are taking their request to the legislative rules committee at 430 p.m. Wednesday.

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