JOE BIDDLE: SEC gains another BCS Championship trophy

SEC balanced early in conference play (Image 1)

Seven consecutive BCS National Championship trophies are now property of the SEC.

It's just not Alabama, although the Crimson Tide won the last three of four crystal footballs, including back-to-back after beating Notre Dame, 42-14, in Monday night's massacre.

Florida started the streak in 2006, LSU won in 2007 and Tim Tebow led the Gators to the top spot in 2008. Alabama got its first of three crowns in 2009. Auburn and Heisman quarterback Cam Newton walked away with the crystal in 2010. Alabama then went back to back.

It's SEC Commissioner Mike Slive's distribution of wealth plan.

The evidence is in. When it comes to college football the SEC is king.

Any questions?

The only question Notre Dame had after suffering a loss that the once proud program found embarrassing was whether anyone got the Crimson Tide's license plate.

It was a solid case of hit and run. And pass. That was Alabama's formula and Coach Nick Saban's team carried it off to near perfection.

Given what we saw Monday night, I would rather have seen what Oregon could have done against Alabama. At least Oregon has incredible speed on offense and defense. But it was not to be because voters and computers are enamored with any team than finishes with a perfect record.

In 2014, we will inaugurate a four-team playoff. They will form a selection committee in similar fashion as college basketball does.
How that committee will be formed isn't final. How many people will be chosen? Will it be former coaches? Athletic directors? Media? A combination?

It's crucial those involved take a neutral position and have no favors owed or received.

If such a committee had been formed for this season, would Notre Dame still be ranked ahead of a once-beaten Alabama? Not if the committee dug deep enough and knows how to evaluate football teams.

Would a committee see through Notre Dame and have matched Oregon and Alabama against each other? There is no way of knowing, but I think it is doubtful unless those on that committee are willing to think outside the box to make the right decision.

When you put human beings together, it's impossible for all of them to ignore prejudices. By nature of their past ties to college football, they are still human. They have formed likes and dislikes along the way.

It seems Vanderbilt's James Franklin had a premonition after the final regular season poll. He had Notre Dame No. 4 on his ballot, the lowest ranking among 59 coaches. Franklin, MTSU coach Rick Stockstill and Texas Tech/Cincinnati Coach Tommy Tuberville were the only three coaches to rank Alabama No. 1.

Four of the five Big 12 coaches on the panel voted to get Oklahoma in the BCS instead of Northern Illinois. All voted Oklahoma No. 6 or Northern Illinois No. 24. It didn't work.

Oklahoma finished No. 11 and Northern Illinois No 16. If Northern Illinois finished in the top 16 in the BCS voting, they got an automatic BCS bid and it would knock Oklahoma out.

Franklin and Stockstill gave Vanderbilt its highest votes, placing the Commodores No. 16, when they didn't finish in the top 25 in the regular season poll.

There is no foolproof system. Hopefully with four teams it will produce less controversy than with two, but it's doubtful.

As we have seen, the best way to judge teams is on the field against each other.

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