Mt. Juliet no longer using red light cameras

Mt. Juliet no longer using red light cameras (Image 1)

Mt. Juliet stopped using red light cameras on Monday, three years after allowing an out-of-state company to install the camera equipment at four of the cities' most dangerous intersections.

“At Midnight they went, well they are no longer operational,” explained District 2 City Commissioner and Vice Mayor James Maness.

City commissioners voted not to renew their contract with the out-of-state company which operated the cameras.

“For the most part, I think people are very happy that they are going away,” Maness said.

City Manager Kenny Martin said he is one of the residents who is glad the red light cameras are leaving the city.  

He told Nashville's News 2, he felt like the cameras did not give the city a positive image.

“I keep saying, that is not who we are. That doesn't mean if you are a town that uses them that makes you bad, it is just that is not the small town that we want to be,” Martin said.

City leaders voted to end the red light camera contract even though the $50 fines generated income for the city and one month added up to $150,000.

“Again, to show you that the leadership here at the end of the day, it doesn't come down to what it was making or not making for us,” said Martin.  “Although revenue is always nice we didn't want to get it that way and that was never the intent from the get-go.”

He added the intent was to make the red light camera intersections safer for drivers.

“Just old fashion police work is capable of doing the same thing and it puts our citizens a little more at ease,” Martin said.

He said the company has applied for a permit to remove their camera equipment and poles.

Until then the cameras will not be operational, but will remain in place.

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