Tide, Irish name official watch parties

Tide, Irish name official watch parties (Image 1)

Football fans in and around Nashville are finalizing their plans to watch Monday night's big game between Notre Dame and Alabama.

Even though the game doesn't feature a team from Tennessee, there's no shortage of fans pulling for one team or the other.

Alabama fans will set up camp at Jed's sports bar in Midtown Monday night, one of two places Alabama alumni have claimed as official watch party locations.

“We have a ton of people who come out for Alabama, the alumni in the area, so they all gather at Jed's for Alabama games,” said Faith Shealey from Jed's.

Bama alumni will also hold another official watch party at Wild Wings Cafe in Franklin.

Notre Dame alumni will have their watch party at McNamara's Irish Pub on Old Lebanon Pike.

Many fans will remember the last time these two teams faced off for a national championship: 40 years ago, in the 1973 Sugar Bowl.  It was a No. 1 Alabama team playing No. 2 Notre Dame.  Both teams were undefeated, and it was winner take all.

Notre Dame won the game 24-23 and the national title.

This year, it's Notre Dame No. 1 and undefeated, and Alabama at No. 2.

In the south fans have a tough time pulling for the Irish.

Spencer Woodard says he'll root for the Tide.

“I'm a Kentucky fan so I guess I'll just stick with the SEC that's kind of how I am not a big fan of Notre Dame,” he said.

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