Area doctors see increase in patients suffering from flu

Area doctors see increase in patients suffering from flu (Image 1)

Emergency room staff at TriStar Summit Medical Center has been busy treating patients suffering from the flu.

“We are seeing a large outbreak of the flu, Influenza A, which is one of the worse strains and we've seen numerous cases, dozens each day,” explained Dr. Less Lenning.

According to Dr. Lenning, the flu vaccination is one of the best ways to prevent the flu. The vaccinations are formulated based on previous strains.

“This year it appears that they may have missed one or two of the strains wanted to the strings and we are having people that have had the vaccination that end up developing the flu, including healthcare workers unfortunately,” Lenning said.

Kacey Owen is a registered nurse at Summit. Her 15-month-old daughter received the vaccine, but still contracted the flu.

“In the middle of the ear infections, she came down with the flu. It started with the fever, then the diarrhea, then the vomiting and it ended up lasting about 10 days,” Owen said.  

Dr. Lenning said in addition to the flu vaccination there are ways to help prevent spreading germs and infections.  

“We have techniques to avoid getting any infection. Wash your hands when people are coughing and have the flu,” Lenning suggested.  

He added if you have had flu-like symptoms for several days there is not much physicians can do and that patients can effectively treat the symptoms with over the counter medication.

“The best thing is to control fever control the symptoms and stay away from other people so that you're not spreading the flu,” Lenning said.

Any one with the flu is typically contagious for the first four or five days and symptoms can last from seven to 10 days.

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