App pays users to workout

App pays users to workout (Image 1)

A new app aims to help people keep their New Year's resolutions for exercising more.

Gym-Pact for the iPhone and Android devices pays people to workout.

“Our goal is to motivate people with cash incentives,” said Yifan Zhang of Gym-pact, which is based in San Francisco, California.

Zhang spoke with Nashville's News 2 via Face Time Friday.

“In 2012 we saw 50% of the people who signed up the first week were still active with us a year later,” she said.

While people earn money for working out, they're also charged when they don't make it to the gym. The app keeps track of how often a user worksout by using the phone's GPS system.

“When a user signs up they'll put a credit card on the line and we never charge that card unless they don't get to the gym. At the end of the week we'll charge the cards of the people who didn't exercise and we'll put the money into the gym-pact accounts of the people who did exercise,” Zhang explained.

Users commit to at least three workouts per week, keep the commitment and they're paid an average of .50-cents per workout.

If users don't keep the commitment, they're charged a minimum of $5 each week.

“People hate losing money about two and a half times more than they like earning the same amount of money, so that's why we ask people to put money on the line,” said Zhang.

The app has been downloaded more than 170,000 times in the past year.

The company has seen an increase since the app was released for Android earlier this month.

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