Mt. Juliet considers waiving handgun safety class fees for teachers

Mt. Juliet considers waiving handgun safety class fees for teachers (Image 1)

The Mt. Juliet Police Department has offered a handgun safety course for more than 10 years.

Soon, that course may be free for Wilson County teachers.

“We want to remove any barrier to a teacher being able to take that class,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty told Nashville's News 2.

Hagerty is co-sponsoring a resolution that will waive the $50 to $100 handgun class fees for Wilson County educators.

“There's been talk about putting armed guards in every school and it would seem to me that a better, more effective way to do it is simply to have staff, principals, teachers, those type of folks who are responsible for protecting our children prepared to protect our children,” Hagerty explained.

However, city commissioner and substitute teacher Jim Bradshaw pointed out it is illegal to have a firearm on school property.

“I feel like it's [the state's] role first. If they're going to permit guns to be taken into schools that would be their call,” said Bradshaw.

Even if the state of Tennessee were to change the laws regarding guns in schools, Bradshaw has some strong reservations.

“I just don't know if that would be the safest way to go, arming teachers. Maybe looking at the principal, assistant principal,” Bradshaw told Nashville's News 2.

Mayor Hagerty anticipates the state legislature will take up the issue of arming faculty, and wants Mt. Juliet to move forward.

“The faster we can do it and get them equipped and trained, the better off we are all going to be,” said Hagerty.

The Mt. Juliet city commissioners will vote on the new resolution during their meeting on January 14.

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