Escaped Maury County inmate captured in Indiana

Escaped Maury County inmate captured in Indiana (Image 1)

An inmate who escaped custody in Maury County is back behind bars.

Jason Galvan, 32, was captured overnight near Indianapolis, Indiana, some 330 miles from the Maury County Animal Shelter in Columbia where he fled his work detail Wednesday afternoon.

Galvan was found walking on the side of the interstate.  The Maury County Sheriff's Office was notified of his arrest around 2 a.m.

Galvan has been in the Maury County jail since late August 2012, having served 129 day for charges of misdemeanor harassment and violating an order of protection.

He was sentenced to serve 11 months and 29 days.

According to authorities, Galvan was not considered a danger to the community or a flight risk so he was part of a four-man team assigned to the animal shelter to clean out cages at dog runs.

Deputies realized Galvan was missing around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Hours later, Indiana authorities found him hitchhiking alongside Interstate 70.

Maury County Chief Deputy Nathan Johns told Nashville's News 2 how Galvan got to Indiana is still under investigation.

He was wearing prison garb but none was reportedly found.

Authorities are looking into the possibility that he had help or perhaps he stole a car from the Columbia area.

“We are investigating a lead right now of a stolen vehicle out of the city of Columbia that is in Indianapolis,” Johns explained.

Though the work release program is valuable and saves Maury County money, according to Deputy Johns, Wednesday isn't the first time a trustee has fled.

In 1998, News 2 cameras captured inmate Randy Anderson running through a field having just fled his work detail.

Anderson was quickly captured and more time was added to his sentence.

Johns explained, “We provide around 30 inmates a day to governmental agencies and not-for-profit groups and [Galvan] puts a black eye on an otherwise good program.”
Galvan is currently behind bars in Indiana.

Local authorities say they will go through the extradition process to return him to Columbia.

He now faces felony escape charges when he returns and could also face auto theft charges.

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