New 3-D printers capable of creating weapons

New 3-D printers capable of creating weapons (Image 1)

With gun control a hot button issue after several deadly shootings around the country, new technology could make gun laws almost useless.

Sure, controlling who can legally buy a gun doesn't keep guns out of the hands of criminals. In fact, now it is possible to print a semi-automatic weapon.

It's new technology called 3-D printing. It copies an item, piece by piece, exactly the same as the original.

Basically, it creates a physical replica of any item. It does this by printing, or creating layers.
Layer by layer, a 3-D printer uses the same material as the original. It's been used to replicate plastic toys, a wrench and even a bicycle.

The technology now is so advanced – it's even been used to build a gun.

The AR-15 was tested and it fired six shots before breaking.

The rifle was printed from plans that could easily be shared online. In fact, blueprints for this gun were posted on the Internet but taken down after the sandy hook shooting.

The printers have been around for a little while, but are now available commercially.

The Internet is filled with 3-D printer kits that cost anywhere from $350 to over $1,000.

It is conceivable that we all will have a 3-D printer in the house, connected to a computer to download and create anything we want, as long as we can find the blueprints.

Staples has announced it will begin offering customers a 3d printing service. The office supply retailer says at this time, objects it prints will only be made out of paper.

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