Joe Biddle’s Sunday Notes: December 30, 2012

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Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Tyrone Calico…

  • A large number of juniors playing college football have a decision to make before Jan 15. They need to decide whether to go in the NFL draft, or to stay for a senior season.

    LSU may lead the SEC in numbers of players faced with that decision. The Tigers could lose both their starting defensive ends, Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, there could be up to six more Tigers weighing their future.

    Barkevious is a projected high first-round pick and Montgomery could also go in the first round.

    Tigers Coach Les Miles gets information for the players interested and lets them decide.

    Two previous first-round picks Morris Claiborne and Patrick Peterson came out early. They are examples of college players ready for prime time.

  • AJ McCarron has it all. He is smart, popular and as the quarterback for defending national champion Alabama, what else is there to life.

    Well, according to Mark Heim of, McCarron has an eye-popping addition to his resume. He is currently dating Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb, who was born in Montgomery.

    Webb is also a 2011 Auburn graduate. Whew, Granny, bring me the smelling salts!

    Webb says she will be sitting in the stands with the McCarron family when the Tide takes on Notre Dame for the BCS Championship.

    The news prompted some entertaining comments on The best one was from 92 Bama grad: “Dang. First we steal little brother's recruits. … Now we're stealing their women.''

  • Lane Kiffin and his Southern Cal team continue to alienate fans with their boorish behavior.

    It seems the Sun Bowl doesn't measure up to the preseason No. 1 ranked team's standards. Funny being criticized by a team that finished the season out of the top 25, a monumental collapse.

    The team's flight was delayed last week, causing them to fall behind in its bowl schedule. They chose to have a practice session when they arrived, rather than to attend a scheduled bowl function, the Sheriff's Posse Dinner. According to several news outlets, Georgia Tech's team was miffed by the Trojans' actions. After eating, Tech's party left the dinner. USC reportedly arrived 90 minutes tardy and ate alone.

    In addition, USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams hardly endeared himself to El Paso citizens when he tweeted: “Out here in El Paso. (Crappy) city but glad I can enjoy this moment wit (sic) the USC family.'' Williams deleted the entry and profusely apologized.

    Having covered the Sun Bowl, their hospitality is unmatched. They bend over backwards to show the media, teams and fans a great time. Kiffin and his team need to grow up. They are lucky the Sun Bowl even wanted them and their elitist, entitled attitudes.

  • Some of the early college bowl games have been surprisingly exciting to watch. Minnesota and Texas Tech were tied with less than a minute to go when Texas Tech intercepted a pass and drove it down for a game-winning field goal that looked like one of pitcher R.A. Dickey's knuckleballs.

    One of Virginia Tech's weakest teams battled it out with Rutgers in a Russell Athletic bowl game that was played in a driving rain. Tech's defense won it. Duke blew what would have been an upset when it allowed Cincinnati to escape with a 48-34 win. Duke was tied at 34 and driving for a go-ahead possible game-winning field goal or touchdown with 1:20 left when it fumbled the ball away on Cincinnati's 5-yard line.

    Oh, there were some clunkers such as Ohio burying favored Louisiana-Monroe. One of the most impressive outings was Baylor rolling over UCLA, 44-26. I don't know if Tennessee ever approached Baylor Coach Art Briles, but he has one exciting offense cooking in Waco.

    Of course all of these games will be forgotten once unbeaten Notre Dame and Alabama take the field for all the marbles, Jan. 7.

  • Texas Coach Mack Brown sent quarterback Case McCoy and linebacker Jordan Hicks packing before Saturday's Alamo Bowl. It was reported they broke team rules, allegedly missing curfew.

    It reminds me of the time then-Florida Coach Steve Spurrier sent two of his players packing back to Gainesville, after they were treated and released at Tulane Medical Center for injuries suffered in a wild fight between teammates Darren Hambrick and Anthony Riggins at a team New Years Eve dinner at the Superdome the night before the game.

    The two linebackers got into it at a buffet line and Riggins sustained a long cut on his cheek that required reconstructive facial surgery. Hambrick had to have stitches to close a cut to his hand.

    Spurrier permanently kicked both players off the team and gave them bus tickets back.  

  • Current Florida assistant Derek Lewis was with the Gators for its Sugar Bowl game against Louisville.

    Lewis can tell you all about New Orleans. In a Palm Beach Post article by Jason Lieser, Lewis talked about the time he worked as a city bus driver in the Big Easy.

    Two men with guns confronted him and took his money. To this day he can't tell you how much he gave them.

    “When they have a gun in your face, you don't remember. You just do what they tell you to do,'' Lewis said.

    His family lived in the Eighth Ward, all but destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. He got a scholarship to Texas, but did not leave with a degree. He later went back and got it, as a 28-year-old grad assistant coach in 2005.

    This week Lewis was back on the bus, but they were carrying the Gators' entourage to and from practice, to bowl events and to the game. So far, no thugs have stuck a gun in his face and demanded money.

  • The Wilson Post's Tommy Bryan believes Lebanon High School got a gem in new football coach Sam Harp. Harp coached 25 years at Danville, Ky., where he made the state championship game 10 times, winning seven.

    Harp is 59 years old, has a daughter and grandkids living in Hendersonville, thus the reason for him re-locating.

    He coached 32 years, won 326 games. Cumberland University baseball coaching legend Woody Hunt is a native of Danville and compares Harp to Kentucky's version of Gary Rankin, who coached in Middle Tennessee before moving to Alcoa.

  • Only in Texas. After seeing and hearing about how big the video screen is at Cowboys Stadium, the Houston Texans are going to do something about that.

    If you ain't braggin', you ain't from Texas.

    So the Texans will install the biggest video screen in current NFL stadiums. It will measure 14,549 square feet, which will eclipse the one at Jerry's World by 3,000 square feet.

    It will be the second largest video screen in the world, ranking behind the one at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is 16,000 square feet. Houston officials claim they wanted to opt for a newer, bigger screen as they vie for a Super Bowl in 2017. This one should be installed by Aug. 31 of next year.

  • Odds-on favorite before the final regular season game to win the Super Bowl is Denver at 4/1. Second is New England at 19/4, Green Bat at 6/1 and Atlanta at 13/2.

    Odds on AFC Offensive Rookie of Year are Indy's Andrew Luck at 5/6, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III at 3/2, and Seattle's QB Russell Wilson at 3/1.

    Here's an interesting prop bet courtesy of Bovada: Over-under on number of NFL coaches who are fired or resign before kickoff of the first playoff game? It is posted at 6 ½.

    Let's see. I forecast pink slips or resignations for Philly's Andy Reid, Chargers' Norv Turner, Bills' Chan Gailey, KC's Romeo Crennel and Jacksonville's Mike Mularkey.

    Skating on thin ice: Rex Ryan, Ken Whisenhunt, Ron Rivera.

    One year notice: Mike Munchak, Ron Rivera, Jim Schwartz.

    That 6 ½ is a great number. Which way would you go? 

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