What apps to download on your new iPad

Well over 17 million electronic devices were activated on Christmas Day, and more than 328 million apps were downloaded.

If you were fortunate enough to get an iPad under the tree, you've probably spent hours figuring out what apps to put on it. Some like Facebook, YouTube and Angry Birds are easy,
but there are some apps you may not have heard of that are worth a look.

Even if you're not into gazing at stars, Star Walk HD captures your attention. It uses the iPad's gyroscope and location to identify stars and even galaxies.

You simply hold the iPad like you're taking a picture of the sky, and Star Walk HD identifies what's twinkling.
Flipboard is the app of choice for people who like to check out multiple Web sites and the news.
It aggregates the latest news from several Web sites, along with funny ones such as The Onion, Reddit and imgr.

If you use RSS feeds such as Google reader it pulls in that content too. Plus, it'll show you Facebook posts and tweets.

Plus, it even looks like a magazine.

As far as games go, Infinity Blade is a good one. It's the story of a knight fighting ancient giants. The graphics on the iPad look fantastic.  Another good game is Angry Birds Star Wars, where the birds get launched at Darth Vader's evil empire.

Lastly, the app Funny Papers puts all your favorite comic strips in one place. Arlo and Janis, BC and even the Wizard of Id are just a few of the ones you can hand pick for your liking.
so many choices and new ones are added every day.

Last month, Apple approved the one millionth app in its app store. Google has hit the 700,000 mark for Android devices.

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