Dry cleaners catches fire in Columbia

Dry cleaners catches fire in Columbia (Image 1)
Dry cleaners catches fire in Columbia (Image 1)

A Columbia family owned and operated dry cleaning business is closed after fire ripped through the building Thursday night.

Best Cleaners on Pulaski Highway caught fire around 8:30 p.m.  Five fire crews responded to the scene.

Owner Chris Shrader and a maintenance worker were the only two people in the building when the fire broke out.  They believe an old piece of equipment started the blaze.

“When I turned it on I noticed the pump didn't work and I walked around the back of the machine and as soon as I did, I heard a pop and fire shot out of it,” Shrader told Nashville's News 2.

Shrader and the other man tried to put out the fire but were unable to. They ran out of the building and called 911.

Everything inside the building was destroyed.

The business' computer server is located off site.  Shrader told Nashville's News 2 they will be working to determine what clothing items were burned and who they belonged to.

They will be contacting customers in the next few days.

Thirteen employees worked at the Best Cleaners that burned.

None will lose their job.  They've all been shifted to other locations to work.

There are five other Best Cleaners locations in the area.

Shrader hopes to be up and running out of another nearby facility by Monday.

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