Winter weather wreaks havoc on roads for holiday drivers

Winter weather wreaks havoc on roads for holiday drivers (Image 1)

The day after Christmas is usually a busy day for drivers as they head home from their holiday destinations.

However, this year due to storms across much of country, drivers are experiencing less than ideal road conditions.

“Normally it's 12 hours and we've been on the road for 15 [hours] already,” Tim Bratley, traveling from Chicago to Atlanta, said.

When Nashville's News 2 caught up with Bratley in Nashville, he still had 4 hours of driving ahead of him.

“In Illinois we hit a blizzard, in central Illinois some roads that were not plowed, complete ice, going about 10 miles an hour for 200 miles,” Bratley said. “We passed maybe 200 [cars] that are on the side of the road, and probably I would say most of them because they are driving too fast.”

Wesley Dandridge experienced a similar trip as head drove from St. Louis to Atlanta on Wednesday night.

“What usually takes us eight hours to get home, is taking us seven hours just to get here,” Dandridge told Nashville's News 2 at a Nashville gas station.

Both drivers agreed that roads in Tennessee were most manageable of the day.

As a precaution, TDOT crews laid down a salt brine mixture on some bridges and overpasses.

Though it appears the messy weather has stopped for now, as day turns to night and the temperatures begin to drop, black ice is the next challenge for drivers.

According to TDOT, intersections, off-ramps, bridges or shady spots are all potential areas to develop black ice.

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