JOE BIDDLE: There is no quick fix for Titans

2014 Titans preseason schedule released (Image 1)

You talk about birds of a feather?

That's what will be on display when Jacksonville visits LP Field Sunday to finally put the Titans out of their misery.

If there were two teams evenly matched in mistakes, ineptness, in comic relief — it is the Jags and Titans. They deserve each other and what better time to play than the final game of the regular season?

Titans owner Bud Adams has a lot of nerve charging admission for this one. CBS Sports is asking for one of the lowest ratings in history for this one.

Only gluttons for punishment dare show up in person to catalog the carnage.

Who knows what is going through Adams' thought process after he blew a fuse before turning his TV off before Sunday's 55-7 blowout in Green Bay was in the books.

 Even the tough hided Texan could not stomach what he was watching.

It has been a disappointing at best season for Coach Mike Munchak on down to the last man at Baptist Sports Park.

“There are things obviously that we're not happy with the way they're going on all sides of the ball,'' Munchak said at his Monday presser.

“I think it's just a matter of us having a good week this week, concentrate on what we need to get done and coming out on Sunday having a big day and winning the football game and winning the game at home and go from there, knowing that we have much to improve on.”

If he truly believes all the Titans need to do is have a good week of practice, then why haven't they had good weeks of practice prior to their 10 losses?

No, this calls for a complete overhaul.

These Titans are in danger of giving up the most points in a season of any team in franchise history.

They have surrendered 451 points in 15 games. That is only nine fewer points than the 1983 Oilers gave up. Only three times this season have the equally inept Jags not scored at least nine points.

A dozen teams have scored more than 20 points on the Titans. Another eight teams have posted in excess of 30 points on your heroes. There have been two occasions when Titans opponents hit the 50-point mark, including the double-nickel Green Bay piled on them Sunday.

That better be the best week of practice in NFL history in order for this Titans' team to get off the mat.

For one thing, they are torn and tattered. The busiest place at Baptist Sports Park is the training room. They have to lead the NFL in MRI's. They have a patched-up offensive line that gave up seven sacks on quarterback Jake Locker. How much can Locker take before he gets gun shy?

The offense managed just seven points against Green Bay and that was in the final minutes, so it's just not the defense that is helpless.

I predict heads will roll after the season. How can you explain how an Indianapolis team that won only two games last season can rebound to make the playoffs with a 10-5 record behind a rookie quarterback in Andrew Luck?

Why don't teams such as New England suffer multiple losing seasons? You don't see Green Bay flounder for years like the Titans have.

It's organization. You have bad organizations with the Titans, Jags, Browns, Bills and others. You have solid organizations in New England, Green Bay and Indianapolis.

Unless the Titans learn what it takes to be a winning organization, and will commit financially from the top on down to make it happen, the Titans will continue to take your money and give you little in return.

It won't happen in one week of practice.

And there's one thing that gets NFL owners' attention is empty seats. There should be ample evidence of that Sunday at LP Field. The fans need to send a message.

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