Animal Control cautions against pets as Christmas gifts

Animal Control cautions against pets as Christmas gifts (Image 1)
Animal Control cautions against pets as Christmas gifts (Image 1)

Everyone loves the excitement of opening up gifts on Christmas morning; however there are some presents that shouldn't be a surprise.

Officers with Cheatham County Animal Control caution against giving a cat, or other animal as a Christmas gift.

“When you take on an animal, you're taking on a member of the family,” Animal Control officer Jeff Brown told Nashville's News 2.

Brown added, the new pet owner must understand the commitment of taking in a new family member.

“That person [receiving the animal] may not be willing to or able to take on the responsibility of feeding the animal, the vaccinations, the vet care,” said Brown. “Some animals you look at them and they're all cute when they're puppies but they grow up and some of them grow to be quite large.”

Often times those unwanted Christmas gifts end up in shelters putting a strain on facilities like Cheatham County Animal Control.

Currently, the facility is caring for more than 80 animals.

“Quite often we have a lot [of animals], we're overworked a lot,” Brown told Nashville's News 2.

However for those who do decide to gift a pet this Christmas, make sure the recipient is prepared and has done their research.

“If you are going to give an animal, be sure to include the necessities to go along with it. Be sure that you let that person know [about the gift],” said Brown.

The Cheatham County Animal Control facility will be open on Christmas Day for adoptions only.

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