What gadgets not to buy this holiday season

What gadgets not to buy this holiday season (Image 1)

Americans are spending more on Christmas than they did last year according to Shopper Trak.

Shopper Trak is predicting a two and a half percent increase in holiday spending, and much of what people are buying are gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

However, there are some things you should not buy if you're trying to stay up to date.

This year there are three gadgets that if you buy them, you are throwing your money away.

Remember the GPS systems that were so popular several years ago? Not so much now.

Smartphones are capable of doing exactly what a GPS does. Google Maps has turn-by-turn directions, voice commands and the option to save favorites. It's also available again for iOS devices. You can also lookup destinations on a computer and save them automatically to a phone.

Point-and-shoot cameras aren't necessary anymore either because every smartphone comes loaded with a camera to shoot photographs and video. Most are now 8 megapixels which is good enough for prints large enough to frame.

Most only take photos to post online anyway, and you can do that directly from a smartphone. The only advantage to a point-and-shoot camera is the ability to zoom in.

Finally, why anyone would buy an expensive hand held portable video game system. Those cost well over $100 and the games cost $40 to $60 each.

For that kind of money you could buy an iPad Mini or another tablet. The games are superb and even the most expensive games cost only $10, plus there are thousands of free ones.

The average American family will spend nearly $750 during the holiday season which includes Christmas parties and dinners out. Parents are spending $271 on average for each child.

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