Video games and violence: Is there a connection?

Video games and violence: Is there a connection? (Image 1)

Should violent video games be blamed for violence such as the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut last week? Some lawmakers are asking that same question while some psychologists and most in the gaming community say no.

Bradley Metrock who owns The Score in Cool Springs, easily one of the largest video game stores in all of Middle Tennessee.

He told Nashville's News 2, “Its time for the discussion of video games and how they intersect with mental health, to really come to the forefront.”

Metrock says first-person shooter games are the clearly the most popular type of game among video game customers.  They have also been linked to gunmen in many of the shooting attacks in recent year.

“Some kids have no business playing Call of Duty and its time for us to reach that new level of understanding,” he said.

Metrock's book, “Video Games and the Family“, was written to educate parents, educators and counselors of what young people are experiencing in video games, and to help determine if they are mature enough to play.

“I think its time for parents, educators mental health professionals, counselors, to raise their level of understanding of video games, what's in them,” Metrock continued. “So we can best match the right kids and adults to the right games rather than the wrong ones.”

After the Connecticut shooting people are asking the question “are violent video games to blame?”

“I think video games are a big piece of the puzzle for people who commit violent crimes”, but, Metrock adds, “Its not just the games themselves, it's the games falling into the wrong situations and people not being mentally mature in order to handle those games.”

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