Online shipping deadline helps local stores as holidays approach

Online shipping deadline helps local stores as holidays approach (Image 1)

Traditional brick and mortar stores are expecting an increase in shoppers in the final days before Christmas, especially since online retailers stopped offering free-shipping with the guarantee packages will arrive in time on Tuesday.

With Christmas just one week away local businesses said they are prepared for the increase in shoppers.

“Now when you get into that window where shipping isn't going to make it by Christmas you start to see a lot more people come into the store front,” said Cameron Lowry, a manager for locally owned Electronic Express.

He added, “A lot of the time we have the same prices as the ones online, however it's easier for people to shop online, but now they're being forced to come into stores and see we have better deals often times.”

Nashville's News 2 also checked with an even smaller local business, Kaleidoscope in Franklin.

The boutique, located on Main Street, sells vintage gifts and normally sees nice traffic from customers, however this week Karen Jones expects to see more local shoppers.

“That's where we see the increase, from now until we are open on Christmas Eve to accommodate those folks. If they want to come in and they need something.”

While Lowry says he doesn't expect prices to drop more than they've dropped already, he believes there will be some good deals at local businesses.

“Local storefronts are going to drop prices to get people to come now that online sales aren't as big of an impact,” he said.

Last year Amazon reported they generated $48 billion, tripled the amount the online retailer earned five years ago.

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