Public Works investigates illegal dumping alongside Lebanon Pike

Public Works investigates illegal dumping alongside Lebanon Pike (Image 1)

Public Works officials are continuing to investigate after someone dumped a truck load of logs and brush alongside Lebanon Pike a few weeks ago.

According to Gwen Hopkins-Glascock with Metro Public Works, the debris is too close to the roadway.

“There's not much right of way there for the brush to be on the street and it's an environmental hazard as well,” she explained.   

Hopkins-Glascock said officials have received complaints the last several weeks regarding the mess that lies at the corner of Cottage Lane and Lebanon Pike.  

“It is very clear in the code that a commercial entity that conducts tree trimming is responsible for disposing of the brush and the limbs,” she said, adding, “It is a situation where they were doing some tree work on the property and they elected to use Metro services rather than disposing of it themselves.”

Metro Public Works said they have not cited anyone, but they are attempting to work with whomever to move it off the roadway until mid-January when Public Works trucks come by and pick up the debris for free.

Investigators told Nashville's News 2 they have spoken to a caretaker at the property, but officials said it is still unclear who cut the trees and placed them in the right of way.

For more information on Metro Public Works, visit their Web site.

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