Real life cowboy makes stop in Nashville

Real life cowboy makes stop in Nashville (Image 1)

A real life cowboy made his way to Nashville on horse this week all the way from Dublin, Texas.

Leslie Fender and his seven-year-old horse, Angel, arrived in Nashville Tuesday.

The pair spent the night in Centennial Park.

At one point, police were called but Fender was given permission to stay in the park with his horse for one night.

Nearly eight years ago, Fender suffered a severe stroke that left him paralyzed. Several months later he had the opportunity to have an experimental surgery to restore feeling to his right side and it worked.

Before heading to Nashville, Fender traveled to Michigan to personally thank the surgeon who brought movement back to his body.

Fender said riding Angel is therapeutic and he's doing so from state to state “because he can.”

His journey began April 2. Since then, he's been camping out, using maps and secondary roads from Texas through Mississippi and Alabama to Florida then Michigan and now Tennessee.

He packed the basics in his saddlebag, including clothing and a laptop so he can keep in touch with his sons.

Fender said he lived in Nashville many years ago and wanted to return to see old friends.

“The city has changed so much,” Fender told Nashville's News 2.

Several onlookers spotted Fender and Angel traveling along West End Avenue, causing quite a buzz. Many stopped to take photos of them.

At one point, the horse was standing by herself in a restaurant parking lot near downtown while Fender grabbed a bite to eat.

Fender said he's not worried about Angel running off or someone trying to steal her.

“She won't go. She's very well-trained,” Fender said.

From Nashville, Fender plans to travel to Evergreen, Alabama where he'll reside for the next two years.

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